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Pioneer nexus 2 package is £200

The pioneer Dj xdj-XZ £119

Allen & Heath 43C £40

Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus 2 £70

Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2 £70

Pioneer CDJ400 £25

Pioneer rmx1000 £60

Pioneer efx1000 £30

Pioneer Djm400 £30

Technics 1210 mk2 £30

Sennheiser hd2p dj Headphones £10

Sennheiser Wireless Microphone £35

Turbosound wide dispersion speaker 120° dispersion for tight spaces like Bars, restaurants & shops this will cover the widest possible area for either background or a solid level of music. £90

Turbosound Inspire ip1000 Column Array. This sleekly designed PA system can sit in the corner or against the wall, with a 12” subwoofer & 4 mid/top Drivers it packs a surprising punch, with the easily downloadable app you can control volume & tone from anywhere in the room. Accepts Bluetooth streaming or plug directly into the back subwoofer. Setup time- under one minute

DJ Controllers

DDJ 200

Pioneer XDJ XZ (all in one DJ controller)

Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus 2 & DJM 900 nexus 2 mixer (pre wired in Flightcase)

Dj Mixers

Allen & Heath xone 23c

Allen & Heath xone 43c

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Pioneer dj XPRS112 Active Loudspeaker £50 each

Pioneer dj XPRS115 active Loudspeaker £75 each

Pioneer dj XPRS102 Active Loudspeaker with Digital DSP £45 each

Pioneer dj xprs115s 15” subwoofer £50 each

Pioneer dj 2118s 18” subwoofer £60 each

Pioneer dj xprs2115s 145db double 15” subwoofer £80 each

E.V. SX100 (passive) £60.00

Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands

RCF 12” mk4 Active Loudspeakers


RCF 12” mk4 Active Loudspeakers

EV BASS speaker (passive) £30.00

Simple interfaces for iPhone/android/mp3 players to control the volume and mute when switching sound sources

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Pioneer dj xprs112 high power/high efficiency Active Loudspeakers with integrated powersoft amplifier modules. These speakers can be used without a subwoofer or for more presence in outdoor scenarios.

Pioneer dj xprs115 high power/high efficiency Active Loudspeakers with integrated powersoft amplifier modules. These speakers can be used without a subwoofer or for more presence in outdoor scenarios.

1.4 kw rms sound system 2 x Mackie srm450 800 watt loudspeakers on stands 1 x Mackie 1501 15” 600 watt Bassbin (come with signal & power cables) £120

2 x Mackie 1232 1300 watt 3 way full range speakers 2 x Maxkie 1801 800 watt subwoofer (come with signal & power cables and monitor speaker) £240

2 x Mackie srm1530 500 watt 3 way full range speakers 1 x mackie srm450 400 watt monitor speaker £150

Mackie Fussion 10 KW rms sound system Comes with 2 x mackie srm450 monitor speakers £500

Mackie HD1531 3 way High powered active loudspeaker sound system

Mackie 1232 3 way 1300 watt speaker £180 per pair

RCF 712 mk4 Professional Active Loudspeakers (500 watts rms each)

Mackie S215

Gravity adjustable stand adapters

KV2 designer & founder George Krampera

The Newer range of Mackie Speakers


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200 mw Blue Laser £75

300mw RGB Laser £75

Up Lighters, £15

U.V. Strip £15

Smoke machine £25


Bubble machine £20

Table for DJ £25

DJ Fascade £35

Anstract VRX Gladiator

Anstract VRX Gladiator

4 x Abstract VRX White Bodied lights with controller £99

4 x Abstract MAD scanners sound to light £80

1 x T-Bar Lighting Stand £15

Haze machine (adds very thin water particles To show lights off, does not set off smoke alarms) £30

Truss system 2 x winch up stands & 4 meters of Truss £35

LED GiGbars available P.O.A

LED GiGbars available P.O.A

UV Lighting P.O.A

2 x moving head scanners with changing Gobo’s & colours, powered by Lite rider software (comes with android tablet to control lights). £110

Equinox Blitzer 1000 watt strobe, comes with controller to adjust speed, Brightness or single trigger strobe. Fantastic classic effect. Excellent when used with a full lighting system or just on its own for that early warehouse vibe hire for £45 per day with controller

RGB 1000mw Laser with Graphics card slot. Comes with remote control Or control via dmx or light rider. This small unit packs a real punch Hire for £55 per day. N.B. A Tiny bit of haze or slight mist in the air is essential with all lighting effects but especially with Lasers to achieve that classic volumetric Beam tunnel effect

Uplighters [freedom par cans] hired in sets of four units. These units are very Bright with six LEDs , a 15 hour Battery and a Tilt slider on the bottom of the unit to fully light up the wall or cove in question l. Hire from £80 per day with remote or with Android Tablet

Martin wizard extreme. If you were to choose one lighting effect, and don’t have a budget for anything else, these classic fixtures will fill the room with inspiring patterns hire for £54 per day

Chauvet Obsession Vivid LED moonflower lighting effect, the center piece of a great lighting display Hire for £44 per day

200W Beam RGBW 4 separate beams Stage Lighting LED Moving Head DMX Strobe DJ/Bar Light

120W RGB 18 Prism LED Moving Head GOBO COB Stage Light DMX Beam DJ Disco Party

LED Cold Spark Machine Firework Flame Stage Effect Wedding Event Party w/Remote

DRY ICE Low Lying Dry Ice Machine Wedding Party Stage Effects/comes with dry ice stored at -80 degrees Celsius & operator or Instructional £ P.O.A.


2000 lumen Projector £50

4000 lumen Projector £99

Edirol V4 video mixer £40

Video Amplifier £20

Projector screen £25

Projector Stand £15

Box of BNC Cable £25

DVD/VHS player £15

Digital recorder £20

Ipad to HDMI convertor £20

Lapel Wireless microphone £40

Panasonic AVE5 video mixer £30

Ipad £40

I7 laptop PC £40

50” LCD flat screen on stand £175


Wireless mixers Mackie DLX4

CatchBox Microphone, perfect for warming an audience up or Question & Answer sessions at the end of a Talk. This is a wireless microphone in a lightweight foam cube. Ideal to throw to the person wanting to engage, much quicker and more fun than waiting for the microphone to be passed to you.

Behringer mixer with compression. A small easy to carry & operate mixer for a solo artist or group, with handy variable compression on channel 1&2 this mixer can be a real godsend £30

Behringer X Air 12 (supplied with iPad running powerful software including digital effects, compression & full channel operation & rooting. Mixing to Main, Sub & monitor Groups

Please Phone for many other Items+options including staging, larger screens and fabric backdrops

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