Demos Installation in London

If you are looking for a permanent or temporary installation we provide a high quality comprehensive service. We can carefully guide you through the process of choosing the right package for your needs considering all technical, practical and financial aspects. We can provide this service on either a lease or outright purchase agreement.
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Pubs, Clubs, Business, Schools, Home Cinema, Multi sensory learning:
Démos Sound Video Light can install any combination of LCD projectors, plasma screens interactive whiteboard, public address, sound systems and accessories that provide the building blocks for state of the art multi media systems.

System design and installation service:
Démos Sound Video Light offers advice on the types of systems that are available to match your requirements and discuss the mounting and accessory options available. There are many impressive add-ons to the basic screens, projectors, interactive whiteboard products such as motorized screens, surround sound systems, conferencing equipment, transportation cases etc

Démos Sound Video Light can arrange for your equipment to be installed by one of our professional engineers at very competitive rates. Most requirements can be facilitated and in many cases accurate quotations can be made using a simple email or prearrange visit.
Systems can either be purchased through Démos Sound Video Light or we would be more than happy to install equipment you have sourced separately.

A guide to Basic installation charges:
Description Price
Plasma screen £ 149
Interactive whiteboard £ 249
Interactive whiteboard and projector £ 349
Projector and screen £ 199

Installations are quoted on an individual bases and are subject to a site survey, limitations and restrictions due to building designs and wall constructions. Discounts are available for multi system types.

Whether you want to turn your classroom into a multi-sensory learning environment, create an impressive presentation environment for your business and clients or treat yourself to a state of the art home cinema system we can help realize your visions
– One contact one account and one invoice for all you’re A/V presentation needs
– Fast and efficient delivery service
– Quick quoting service and advice on the best system to meet your needs
– Installation by professional engineers
– After sales technical support
– Training and demonstrations
– All structural work undertaken by our experienced staff

With our Available team of construction experts and Masters level Degree in Acoustics We can work alongside you, your neighbours, Landlord and local council.
From simple acoustic treatment to lower reverberation so that your guests can have a conversation without the aggressive reflections of other people conversations or noise from the kitchen area, or taking out ‘Bass traps’ and mitigating standing waves and reverberant fields.
The solutions do not have to be ugly, in fact there is such an abundance of options that the appropriate options can look akin to contemporary Art or Architectural Detail.

Is your licence at risk due to persistent complaints to environmental health regarding sound pollution?
Or do you just have a home setup that seems to annoy one particular neighbour who is 50 meters away in the apartment block you reside.
We have all the latest understanding, Techniques and measurement technology to help, firstly find and tune out or ‘unexcite’ reverberant points and mathematically aligned spaces.
We like to work with you, your customers or guests, NEIGHBOURS & Local Authorities.
It may be a simple case of reducing a specific frequency by 3db or 6db and that will be enough to allay your neighbours anguish and most likely it will not even be noticeable to your listening experience.
Often when both sides have their ‘heels dug in’ even the process to show willing and effort and opening direct communication channels that can work magic as at the end of the day we are all programmed to enjoy a melody and move to a beat, it’s just not that great when you have only a pulsating frequency of 22 hertz every weekend.
With our construction expert we can offer everything from acoustic plasterboard, Rockwool or in the most demanding cases then stripping back walls and using acoustic coupling, floating floors and vacuum gaps so that the sound frequencies have no medium to travel through (concrete, steel, wood, ventilation and pipe work.
In effect we can, if needed, build a room within a room.
But often a dynamic approach between system equalisation, Acoustic treatment, structural modification and community communication is the most pleasing and effective solution.

DJ’s can often be agonisingly irritating, we’ve been there and we’ve seen how they act, they want paying but also want twenty people on their guest list, they whine at the amount they are paid but they just don’t bring the numbers in.
Free food, free drinks, and the only volume is redlining even when the venue is empty and people might just want to mingle and chat.
But the biggest issue is when your venue is full, your bar staff are run off their feet, the security are making sure everyone in and around the venue is safe, healthy and not causing trouble or at the end of potential trouble, no one has the time to keep turning the volume down on the mixer and one more complaint and your licence will go to arbitration.
In this case we can wire in circuit a professional industry standard hard knee limiter Which means if a certain noise limit is exceeded then CLICK—- The Whole sound system shuts off.
These cannot be overridden by putting a piece of chewing gum over a microphone sensor. Cannot be bypassed as the PA is hardwired into the system.
After 30 seconds or so the power will come back on, but that will be enough to teach the DJ’s that if they push it they will empty the dance floor and destroy the vibe and likely not be booked again.
So In conclusion if you need a consultant to do a site visit we can arrange that.

We now work with a London based hire company with the latest ‘line array’ sound systems. With clever speaker orientation and some very complex DSP (digital signal processing) we can supply a system that only plays the music in the area it’s needed and not six miles away in an adjacent village

The company has vast experience with working with local councils, who love them, to guarantee your festivals licence is kept squeaky clean with no noise infractions.


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