Hire a silent disco system or silent cinema for an evening or memories, we can supply up to 25 headphones with up to two transmitters, this means you can have two different music sources playing at once and makes for quite a surreal party experience, flick the switch and hear a bit of reggae and dance to the rhythm whilst your other party going friends have their hands in the air listening to euphoric trance.. or set up a screen and video projector up either outside or in the spare room and have a sleep over but with the added bonus of the cinema experience being exclusive to the headphone wearers. So a full on action movie or disco to a DJ or just an iPod in complete silence, it’s the next big thing, keep the neighbours happy, give the party goers their own unique shared experience and of course in these times everything will be provided fully disinfected and sealed in plastic Packaging, delivered with social distancing being fully observed. Please call on the mobile or email for a fully competitive and comprehensive quote

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