Best Audio Package for Large Outdoor Areas

Public Address Tannoy System

Public Address, Tannoy systems for large outdoor areas. With a blend of speakers situated in the most effective manner we can guarantee your whole audience will hear. There will be no feedback, the volume levels will be comfortable and the Key with Demos is we use digital delay units to nullify the echo effect of spaced out speakers. So where ever you are standing you get a coherent Intelligible commentator through the speakers.
This takes a bit of extra work to achieve but well worth the results as you end up with a time aligned Point source structure throughout the venue.


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Choose from our extensive range of Funktion One, E.V., Mackie, JBL and Martin AudioWhere no brand or model number is specified, please contact us to choose from our current selection. All Prices include cables & tape/cable ties for cables etc. All equipment is serviced, Pre checked and PAT tested .Vat is NOT APPLICABLE

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Audio Package 1

Public Address System

2 x mackie srm350 Loudspeakers
1 x Sennheiser wireless microphone
& stand
1 x Yamaha mixing Desk
1 x Clark Teknik 31 band EQ


Suitable for speech, townhall meetings,PTA,WI, small conferences, religious occasions up to 150 people

2nd sennheiser microphone for Q&A’s Or add a ‘catchbox’ microphone encased in foam That you can throw to the audience member, use of the catchbox livens up the audience and atmosphere as it adds a feel of interaction and energy that waiting for a handheld mic to be passed to you just cannot bring, we strongly suggest you build the format of the meeting/event with this in mind and use it as a warm up tool, even if just thrown around the audience whilst people arrive so they can introduce themselves thus leaving the floor open and attentive to the main speaker(s)


Audio Package 2

Solo vocalist (with/without) acoustic accompaniment

2 x Electro-Voice SX100 Loudspeakers
1 x Electro-Voice SB121 subwoofer
1 x sure sm58 Beta Vocal mic & stand
1 x acoustic mic pickup for guitar etc
Powered by class AB amplifier DBX
Crossover & EQ, comes with small mixing desk


Very musical sensitive speakers, Ideal for reinforcement of female or male solo artists and/or Acoustic instruments that might need slight amplification and a touch of Reverb or Delay

Audio Package 3

House Party Sound System or DIY childrens Party

2 x mackie srm450 loudspeakers
800 watts (rms) with stands & small mixer with 2 x aux leads
for Phones/tablets/mp3 players
Ideal for a DIY party. This can be used as background music
for a function or as a private party. Organise your playlists on
your phone or mp3 player and just plug in via the headphone jack


Audio Package 4

Live Gigging Band package suitable for function room, small venue or public house

2 x SR1530 Mackie Loudspeakers (come with tailor made stands)
3 x sm58 microphones & stands
1 x 25 meter stage box Loom 18 in 6 out
2 x srm450 stage monitors (wedges)
1 x mackie CFX12 channel mixing Desk with built in effects
1 x Alesis effects unit
1 x Clark Teknik Graphic Equaliser


Bring Theater Quality sound to your concert or event. As used in the Albert hall, these large format column array speakers are Bi amped. And utilise 8 woofers and 8 Planar ribbon tweeters to produce a coherent sound that projects to the back row. You don’t have to deafen those at the front just so the back can hear. The multiple speaker drivers work together to make sure everyone gets a similar sound level.
Hire two speakers with amplifier and processor for £275. For music we suggest adding at least two 18” subwoofers. These really are the cream of our equipment schedule. Coasting £10,000 each when new.

* subsidized price, assuming you have your own engineer to setup/sound test & run the desk Price can be negotiated if used routinely & specifications melded to your projects needs.

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All Prices include cables & tape/cable ties for cables etc All equipment is serviced, Pre checked and PAT tested Vat is NOT APPLICABLE

Demos Summer Dj PAckage

DJ Package 1

800 watt (rms) sound system

2 x Pioneer cdj400 CD/USB Players
1 x Pioneer DDJ400 mixer with FX
2 x Mackie srm450 Loudspeakers
& Stands
Free Headphones & microphone


DJ Package 2

1.5 KW (rms) sound system

2 x Pioneer cdj900nexus cd players
1 x DDJ400 pioneer dj mixer with FX
2 x mackie srm450 loudspeakers
1 x mackie srm1501 Bass Bin
1 x mackie srm350 monitor


Suitable for smaller indoor venues, weddings & Birthday parties, This system has clarity & punchy Bass able to handle all Genres up to 80 people on the dancefloor & lighting packages from £48

DJ Package 3

4.5 KW (rms) sound system

2 x mackie SA1232 1300 watt (rms) Loudspeakers
2 x mackie srm1801 18” 800 watt (rms) Bass Bins
1 x Formula sound FS600 mixer
2 x pioneer cdj900nexus cd players
1 x mackie srm450 monitor speaker
DBX system processing
(eq,limiter,feedback suppression & BASS BOOST)


Suitable for Marquees & outdoor parties or indoor parties of 200 people Designed to handle Bass heavy modern EDM

DJ Package 4

Multi zone House & garden party

1 x Pioneer DDJ-SX2 serato dj controller for laptops
2 x Pioneer cdj400 CD&USB players
2 x mackie srm 450 loudspeakers (main room)
2 x mackie srm350 with Delay unit
(can run to garden marquee or Pool Side)
1 x cloud zone control Master Volume for Host
to control volume in each area


Suitable for summer BBQ’s Day/evening events, Buffet functions With this package you can have the volume at background level in most or All areas,  Then when the night Draws in and it Gets a bit cool outside you can move inside for a Party that goes on into the night.

DJ Controller

Multi zone House & garden party

XDJ XZ industry standard DJ Controller hire


DJ software controller

DJ software controller for iPhone Android etc

DDJ 200 software controller for iPhone Android etc. Beatport, SoundCloud & more. This is the step up from the aux/Spotify solution Hire

from £33 per day

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High Definition Video Walls & Truss to hangthem from, modular design, any size  & configuration Includes server and operators.


Flat LCD/LED Screens on stands


Front or Rear Projection screens & high resolution modern multimedia Projectors


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A/V Packages

Staging, Including Safety Rails/Steps/Adjustable heights Rear Projection Screens & background pole and fabric draping to Give you a seemless professional Backdrop for your presentaion/rally or political event.

LCD screens on Stands, can be linked and syncronised with Video wall or Projector Content Sound systems from our Hire list or for larger venues Please phone for a talk through on our Available Stock of state of the Art D&B Audio Technica Line Array systems, which are rigged from Tuss, and able to project a consistent volume level throughout the venue or outdoor space.

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From smaller packages for weddings, with sound to light operation, Uplighters, concert Lighting & Architectral Lighting Lasers Graphic design Packages All to give a completeness to your special Production.

Please call and Discuss as you may well be surprised how affordable our services are.

Our aim is to be competitive, Professional and to secure, not just your event, But an ongoing Relationship with you and The Company or Agency you represent.

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